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Loft Conversions - Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is it possible to convert my loft?

A. Most types of loft spaces can be converted if the height from the top of the ceiling joists to the ridge (head height) is approximately 2.3m (90 inches). If the distance is less the loft conversion could still be possible by lowering the ceiling height in the rooms below the loft space or by raising the height of the roof (with planning permission).

Q. I live in a modern house and the roof is formed with roof trusses can I convert my loft?

A. If the head height is over 2.3m (90 inches) in most cases a truss roof can still be converted if Telebeams are used or a structural engineer provides detail for new support.

Q. Where will the new staircase be located?

The location and design of the new stairs will be determined by the layout of the existing floor below the loft space, the available head height in the loft conversion and the design of the stairs. Sometimes, the layout of the floor below the loft may need to be reconfigured to allow a new stairwell to be formed.

Q. Do I need permission to convert my loft?

A. Many loft conversions can be completed under Permitted Development if they meet the limitations and conditions. If the proposed loft conversion does not meet these then Planning Permission will be required and Listed Building Consent if your property is a Listed Building.

Q. Do I need to have architectural drawings?

A. We recommend architectural drawings for types of loft conversions. The drawings will enable building contractors to provide you with an accurate quotation for the conversion work and provide important contractual information for both parties. The drawings will be used to gain Building Regulation Approval and when required Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent.

Q. Along with supplying Architectural Drawings do you obtain all permissions and approvals?

A. Architecture First will complete applications on your behalf to obtain Building Regulation Approval, Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent.

Q. Does your team include other professionals?

A. Most loft conversions will need structural details and we work with several Structural Engineers. We will obtain quotations from these on your behalf and the details provided are then included on the drawings we provide. The engineer will be employed directly by you. Occasionally further surveys will be requested by local authorities and will make the arrangements for these to be completed.

Q. What areas do you offer your services?

A. Our standard fees cover a 20-mile radius of Derby, which includes areas of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire and Leicestershire. We do undertake work outside of this radius, but the fee is slightly higher to include additional travelling costs.Areas we cover.

Q. Can you recommend a building contractor?

A. We work with several contractors and will provide their contact details or if you prefer, we can include a tender package in our fee. When this is requested, we will send the tender to three of our approved contractors and supply the submitted prices for you to review.

Q. Can you project manage the conversion works for us?

A. It is possible to extend our services to include project management along with contract administration.

Q. How much do you charge for the architectural drawings?

A. Architecture First provide a detailed fee quotation based upon your requirements. In many cases this can be supplied once we have received the details by email or the enquiry form. If the project is more complexed, we will contact you to arrange a site visit.

Q. What is included in your fee?

A. We have a standard package for loft conversions that can be completed under Permitted Development and those that require Planning Permission.

If your question is not listed please contact us.
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