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Before embarking on any building project, a brief is prepared to help to communicate your vision of what you want the project to achieve. This information is compiled in a written document that can be one page or extend to many. It covers many aspects and is a live document that evolves as information is gained.

To kickstart the process some questions that you need to answer are:

About you
  • My full contact details are

  • How much do you want to spend? Your budget

  • What we want

  • Why do you want to extend and alter your home?

  • Why is the extra space needed and what will it be used for?

  • Who will be using the new space?

Current likes/dislikes
  • What do you like about your home now?

  • What do you dislike about your home now?

  • When would you like the project to happen?

  • How long would you like the project to take?

The Build
  • Would you like the project to be designed and built by the same company?

  • Do you want the project to be managed by a company?

About the Design
  • What is the size of the extension? How many floors, rooms etc.

  • What will rooms be used for and how are they connected?

  • Will the project include alterations to the existing property?

  • Do you like open-plan or are private spaces required?

  • Is natural light important?

Design Ideas
  • What style of architecture do you like? Traditional, modern, minimal, etc.

  • Have you seen materials that you would like to use?

  • Are there features you want to include?

  • Do you want to include specific to and from views?

  • Have you got any specific requirements to enable you to use the space? For example, are any of the users disabled or have special needs.

Specific Requirements
  • Do you want the design to be energy efficient?

  • Do you want to incorporate renewables?

  • Do you want to incorporate technology?

  • Is the project going to be phased – will there be later additions?

  • Do you want to include the outside space in the design?

  • Is your house in a conservation area?

  • Is your house or one nearby a listed building?

  • Do you share a drive with the neighbours?

  • Is access to your house difficult?

  • Do you share any drains or other services with neighbours?

Other Considerations

To assist with communicating your vision you can include images that you have collected, samples of material and links to internet sites.


Remember it’s called a brief so keep it brief and don’t get too bogged down with the finer details.


This is the starting point and we will work together in the concept stage to develop the design that fits your budget and meets your requirements.

Download an example of a project brief here

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