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Neighbour Consultation Scheme

If you want to take advantage of the Permitted Development Rights for larger rear single-storey extensions and the increased limits of 8m for a detached house and 6m metres for any other type, then the local planning authority will need to notified of the proposed work before the work commences.

Once notified the local authority will then serve notice to the adjoining property owners and occupiers giving them details of the proposed development and the date when the 42-day determination period ends. It will also give the time period in which the neighbours can make objections. (usually 21 days). If objections are received the local authority will then determine if prior approval is required and access if the impact on the amenity of the adjoining properties is acceptable with a decision given within the 42-day period.

To make the application the local authority must be given enough information to determine if the proposal complies with Permitted Development and if prior approval is required. At a minimum this should include:

  1. a written description of the proposal which includes the length that the extension extends beyond the rear wall of the original house, the height at the eaves and the height at the highest point of the extension

  2. a plan of the site, showing the proposed development and any existing enlargement of the original house that the proposals will join to.

  3. the addresses of any adjoining properties (this should include any premises to the side/front/rear, even if they are not physically 'attached').

  4. a contact address for the applicant (the householder) and an email address if they want receive correspondence by email


However, this is often not enough and including a plan drawn at an identified scale is usually requested by the local authority to help assist in the assessment process.

The government introduced a fee of £120 for this process and is payable at the time the application is made.

Find out more about Permitted Development and how we can assist with you project.

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